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This kid was born two weeks premature. She was unable to stand up and nurse like she needed to. Right there in the barn I took out my Udderly EZ milker and milked the mom’s colostrum then hand fed the new kid right on the spot 30 minutes from when she was born. I milked the mom’s colostrum for the next three days and hand fed the new born kid 5 times a day for a week. I am a new goat owner, I don’t have any previous experience milking goats. I firmly believe because the Udderly EZ Milker is so easy to use, it help me to save this new born kids life. After a week of hand feeding, the kid developed the vigor to nurse and she has turned out to but a very healthy goat. It took me about five days of hand feeding, but I managed to get all of her moms colostrum in her. I use the Udderly EX Milker twice a day to milk my goats, it is easy, quick, and not uncomfortable for the goat. I would really hate not having one to use. I’m still a new goat owner, I am still not any good at hand milking, but I get all my milk, thanks to the Udderly EZ Milker.

Best Regards,
Mike Hoiden

To Buck and All,

My husband and I, along with our goat "Daisy" want to thank you. Your Udderly EZ Milker has been a life saver. After watching the DVD you sent I had no hesitation in my ability to use your product. Our Daisy was happy on how quick and easy it was on her. We thank you for coming up with the EZ Milker and all your help.

Have a great day,
P.S. We will tell every one we can about your product!
Kathy, Ray Bozza & "Daisy", Idaho Falls, Idaho

“I am so thankful that I am still able to milk my does with my arthritis. I have been using the Udderly EZ Milker™ for 4 ½ years now. I have even Learned to use two pumps at the same time. I’m sure there are many ladies that wish they could continue to milk their animals in spite of their medical problems.

At my age most would have given up. But ladies, DON’T, it is possible to still enjoy some added years of farm life, even if you are on medi -care and still cooking! Don’t give up the good things in life, pure home grown healthy milk, cheese and all the fixings.”

Bonnie McQuatters Hobby Farms, Otis, CO.

Dear Buck,

I wanted to thank you for your invention, the Udderly EZ™ Milker. When we decided to change to organic farming I forgot about all the orphan lambs and the vast quantities of powdered formula that we used back then. As I read an article about your Udderly EZ™ I thought that this might be the answer.

I had purchased it before the current lambing season and it certainly has proven most invaluable to us as we had colostrum on hand for all the lambs and also a reserve in the freezer. This meant that we did not have to buy the commercial colostrum nor the organic ewe milk replacer for the orphan lambs.(at 75 for 25kg bag) This method is better for the lambs, a huge economic savings and does not comprise our organic principals or status as organic farmers which we try to attain both on the farm and our B&B.

Having both sheep and cows we hope to achieve a full organic status on the farm with in the next two years. We will continue to use and most definitely recommend the Udderly EZ™ to every one and it is a definite must for every lambing bag. It makes for healthier lambs and saved us a lot of time that we used to spend going to and from the house to prepare the powdered formula. We have also used it very successfully to milk one of the Aubrac Cows, so this product is very versatile.

Philomena O'Leary
O'Leary's Farm
Killilane, Kilrane
Rosslare Hbr.
Co. Wexford

In Dec 18th 2007 I went into the ER in Charlottesville, Va. (UVA). I was having a stroke! Un fortunately they gave me the wrong medication for a whole hour. I suffered irreversible damage to the right side of my body. Losing the use of my right\dominant hand, impaired use of my right leg and had to learn to talk again, TO THINK AGAIN!! I could not spell my name! It has taken me 3 ½ years to get back to gardening, milking my goats, making cheese, soap, etc. The Udderly EZ Milker has been a godsend! I love using it, just pump and let it rip! I can do it with one hand, Buck Wheeler you are a genius and I'm forever in your debt.

Barb Tocci 7 Springs Farm
Scottsville, Va

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